Oil Painting Class #6 Part One

Tonight I gave a black and white image of an old shed to the ladies.  I had the coloured photo hidden from their view.  I did this, because as beginners they wouldn’t be able to see past all the details within all the colours.  Instead, I had them mix colours and told them where and how to place them .  Next week, I will guide them through the ‘texturing’, not so much the detailing.  You see, texturing adds just enough ‘detail’ to make the painting interesting and give it character. 


About Lisa's Palette

"My paintings are often admired for their realistic qualities through the use of light, shadow and colour. Capturing the beauty within the rustic landscapes of my entitled series, 'Farms of Simcoe County,' has become my passion. Keeping my camera close at hand allows me to capture the images as I come across them, while I use my artistic gifts to seek out particular points of interests in these images. Painting on location brings a connection to the subject, through not only sight, but sound and smell as well. My goal is to produce paintings that give the viewer a sense of calmness and relaxation.”
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