List Title:  ‘Great Things I Have Done in My Life’.  Taught several people how to paint.

Bucket List:  Teach until I can teach no more!

The fabulous and exciting aspect of teaching, is witnessing a student realize that they CAN paint.  If you’ve never attempted to learn something how can you possibly say that you can’t do it? I hear it all the time.  ‘It can’t be done.  I’m not an artist’.  How do you know that?  As  an artist, I am constantly growing.  As I grow I want to share this with others.  No one should ever be intimidated by someone else’s ability.  All that means is that they are ‘in it’.  They, like myself, think about painting all the time.   We ‘artist’s’  see everything as a painting.  It’s crazy, but I cannot look at anything without seeing how I would paint it.

Are you getting the jist that I’m just a bit passionate about this subject.

Let me wrap it up by saying this.  Everyone should try their hand at painting.  All great artist’s started with their first stroke of the brush!

As a passionate teacher, it is my goal to offer exciting, informative and encouraging workshops. The beginner student will marvel in their results, after just one class! By focusing on shapes, values and edges, each composition is achieved quickly and you will complete a painting after each class.

Shapes are made from the shadows, light and reflections cast on any subject and within each of these shapes is a value (light to dark tones) of colour. Step by step instruction will help students to identify each shape and which value of colour to apply. Once all the shapes are ‘blocked’ in, we focus on the edges.

Edges are simply where each shape connects. Merging the edges together through blending and creating texture finalizes our painting.

A variety of subjects including, still life, landscapes and portraiture are offered.


Please visit for my 2014 schedule.


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